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Linear is Not a Dirty Word

Sickeningly Linear?

I was watching one of those popular YouTube commentators the other day, playing through a game that he was reviewing and he said something that struck me. He described a game as “sickeningly linear” and wrote it off there and then as a “Bad Game” because of this.

But I say no! Too long have linear games been vilified and derided. So let’s look at why some people like to poo all over them, while others like to give them cuddles (keep these two activities separate).

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Modern Warfare: The Closest You Can Get to Masturbation Without Actually Touching Yourself

Modern Warfare 3

Following a recent break up with my girlfriend, or rather my ex-girlfriend, I’ve fallen back into a familiar habit so readily identified with teenage boys. Dimmed lights, clammy hands, and a short-lived rush produced in violent frenzy are the hallmarks of my shame. It offers relief, but ultimately any satisfaction turns to ash and once again I am cold and alone. Modern Warfare 3, or at least its online multiplayer component, has a lot to answer for.
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