Breaking the rules does not create new ones (or: UNDERTALE)

UNDERTALE playthrough dog doesn't know about art

A personal favourite moment, out of many funny moments, in UNDERTALE

UNDERTALE. Well that’s everybody’s favourite game at the moment, isn’t it? (If you don’t want to read about the game’s ‘secret’s LEAVE NOW.)

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A subjective response to the style of new games journalism


On Wednesday 26 March 2014,  Jake and I went to a panel discussion about the new games journalism – the idea that games writing should be about the player’s experience, not the game’s mechanics. Here are some things it made me think about.

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Football Manager: What it Taught Me About Life

TSG Hoffenheim's head coach Rangnick reacts during their German Bundesliga first division soccer match against Bayern Munich in Sinsheim

For all the pretensions I could contrive about gaming, I come back to a plain fact: games are regularly a form of fantasy-living  for me.

I write about games, think about games, and play a variety to both enjoy myself and fortify that writing and thinking. But when I think of the hours I’ve spent actually just playing games, most of them have been spent on sports simulation. Not even that, but something narrower: football simulation. And not even that: formerly Pro Evolution Soccer, latterly the FIFA series; and perhaps with the greatest level of immersion, the Championship Manager (or Football Manager) series.
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Kentucky Route Zero: A Game, A Play, A Poem

equus oils

Kentucky Route Zero, an unsettling point-and-click-plus-text-adventure starts with a wide shot, Edward Hopper style, of an old American gas station complete with a man-sitting-watching-world-go-by gatekeeper. It’s an unmistakably American scene, and a strangely constructed-feeling one. But we’ll come back to that…

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The Best Things We Played This Year: A List – Part Three

2012 had been a brilliant year for games. Not only the enormous, expensive, shiny games, but for the smaller, gutsier games too. Chris had a bit of a roll in the hay with just one of these games and tells us right here what he likes about it. Just try not to catch cholera.

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Is a Scary Game Scarier if You Don’t Know How to Play?

In order to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent you will need the following:

  • A decent computer
  • Balls of steel
  • Experience of WASD

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Lone Survivor: Interim Thoughts

Chris plays a little bit more of Lone Survivor, gathers his thoughts, and gets a little scared. Have a look at the initial review. Continue reading …