I Have Played: Brothers

Brothers 2014-01-12 16-28-33-55

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game that I had been vaguely aware of throughout 2013, but simply hadn’t given any thought to. I think there was something about the promotional art work that put me off, I don’t know. I managed to ignore it right up until the end of the year, where it appeared on almost everone’s ‘best of 2013′ lists, saw it in a sale and flopped it right onto my hard drive. I was a fool for ignoring it for so long. Here’s why… Warning: there will be spoilers.
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I Have Played: BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Columbia

Jake played BioShock Infinite and has now sat down to write most of the things that he could think to say about it. This isn’t a review. There will be spoilers in this article.
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Linear is Not a Dirty Word

Sickeningly Linear?

I was watching one of those popular YouTube commentators the other day, playing through a game that he was reviewing and he said something that struck me. He described a game as “sickeningly linear” and wrote it off there and then as a “Bad Game” because of this.

But I say no! Too long have linear games been vilified and derided. So let’s look at why some people like to poo all over them, while others like to give them cuddles (keep these two activities separate).

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The Best Things We Played This Year: A List – Part Four

proteus 2012

Here’s (probably) our last post about our favourite games of 2012. Unless you want to write one. Seriously, go on. What did you play this year? Click the ‘contribute and contact’ button up there on the right.
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The Best Things That We Played This Year: A List – Part One

The year is over! Almost! What has this year wrought? Men jumping out of balloons, men and women jumping over things in London, one woman with a crown had a party and I got two cats. But there were also games this year. Lots of games that we played! So it only seems right that I ask all our contributors what games they played this year that they thought were good and should be played. Here we go! Continue reading …

Violence is the Pinnacle of Freedom in Games, not Narrative Choice

The large majority of games are violent. Not in the Manhunt, suffocate-you-with-a-plastic-bag-while-stabbing-you-in-the-neck sort of violent, but rather the core of many games involves some level of destruction. Even the most innocuous and unthreatening games like Super Breakout or Space Invaders see the player shooting something or destroying something. And this is A Good Thing.

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Ow, my mind! Death Ray Manta is coming for your eyes

I have played Rob Fearon’s arena shooter Death Ray Manta and can attest to one thing: it is fucking insane. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone who is already familiar with his other games. If you’re not up to speed, allow me to “hip you to what’s good,” so to speak. Continue reading …