Ow, my mind! Death Ray Manta is coming for your eyes


I have played Rob Fearon’s arena shooter Death Ray Manta and can attest to one thing: it is fucking insane. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone who is already familiar with his other games. If you’re not up to speed, allow me to “hip you to what’s good,” so to speak.

Rob Fearon’s approach, when it comes to making games, seems to be to start with Robotron or Geometry Wars – ostensibly arena shooters – make a little incision with his game scalpel, grab a hose and proceed to pump in all of the colours, all of the effects and all of the crazy. All of them.

He made a game called War Twat.

You know that cacophony that greets you when you walk into a big arcade? You know, the sort of one they have at the end of Brighton pier. The sound of 60 different games being played at max volume, with boozed up people shouting at each other over the top and neon everywhere and flashing disco lights and there are little kids running all over the place and you’ve had too much fizzy sherbert but you kind of like it? Fearon’s games are a bit like that. Sensory overload doesn’t begin to describe it.

Death Ray Manta continues to mine this vein of Jeff Minter-esque game design and does it with aplomb, humour and space tiffin. There are some interesting nuggets to note based on the text file that came with the preview copy. Notably:

Almost. If it’s text and you see it on screen and it’s not a picture, you can change it.
Too many particles?
Alien goes too fast?
Don’t like having to hold down the fire button?
Don’t like dying when you run into an enemy?
You can change it.”

Which is a nice idea, isn’t it? From the sounds of it, you’ll be able to dial down the level of sensory overload according to your specific sensitivities. Death Ray Manta will be released in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye here and here for updates, information and an exciting thing we can’t mention yet.

Here’s a trailer for it, too:

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