Lone Survivor: Interim Thoughts


Chris plays a little bit more of Lone Survivor, gathers his thoughts, and gets a little scared. Have a look at the initial review.

When I played very little of Lone Survivor and wrote something about my predictions, our main character – along with the player – had been thoroughly spooked by odd and unexplained goings on.

Having teleported between mirrors, spotted and been attacked by some frighteningly fast, indiscernible white creatures who love the taste of rotting meat, and encountered several notes, images and settings that hinted at a wider, paranoia-inducing context, it’s now clear that our unnamed central character is by no means alone in this dark and disconcerting world of pixely corridors.

Unreal cast

It would be rude to give anything away. Let’s say that while at first it would seem that its protagonist has only fear, his own diary entries and some villainous creatures to contend with, Lone Survivor builds a thought-provoking support cast quite quickly.

There’s ‘The Director’, who you learn, pretty early in the game, can be reached by the radio in your bedroom, if you tune into the correct frequency; and there’s also several hints about the girl I mentioned last time, who it would seem has something very intimate going on with the main character.

She is at large – or at least there’s traces of her everywhere – including in the main character’s apartment, it would seem. Sometimes, you go to sleep and wake up, to find that somebody (was it you?) has been adding entries to the diary in your bedroom. And you quickly learn that – is it dangerous or beneficial? – something very different happens if you pop a pill then take a snooze…

Delving deeper

I am beginning to wonder whether anything in Lone Survivor is supposed to be ‘real’. Again, that’s not to give anything away – but the feeling that the game is subversive and conspiratorial is only growing.

Often each room, apartment or corridor looks the same – but in this eerie apartment block, the game develops by letting you go deeper. I’m currently in the basement. To get there, I’ve encountered what can only be described as something large and placenta-like, with T.rex hands – and I’m not sure whether it exists in the game’s world, or in the head of the main character’s.

All I know is that it can seriously hurt me. Everything in Lone Survivor can. Nothing can be trusted – not even what you learn and read from the character you play as.

One thing is certain: the deeper into the building you go (and there’s an allegory there, which I think everybody is familiar with) the more common are strange goings on, ever weirder encounters, and a more vivid landscape.

So I go deeper. And the feeling that there will be a revelation, as well as an unmasking of the conspiracy surrounding this protagonist which will come to a single,ugly, clear conclusion, grows.

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