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Here is what has been interesting this week:

Lewis Denby has done a lovely write up of Journey for

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Journey is a game about sperm and vaginas, but I do think it’s a game about life. In fact, I think it’s a game about quite a lot of things. I spent a couple of days after finishing Journey thinking about what it could all mean. Each time I came up with a theory, or heard someone else’s, it seemed eminently plausible but still didn’t quite seem to fit. That lightbulb moment, the one where it all clicks into place, stubbornly refused to arrive. has an interesting post on race in pen and paper RPGs:

A modest proposal to Wizards of the Coast: how about including a more diverse representation of ethnic background in your core product? You’re working on Dungeons & Dragons Next — some call it D&D Fifth Edition — and I think now would be a great time to welcome new players. A product where white wasn’t the default would be a welcome addition to the hobby. I’m not talking about niches like Oriental Adventures either; I mean in your main bread and butter books.

The Independent’s got an article on how games have overtaken movies for being the best at sci-fi:

Games have stolen the sci-fi thunder from the big screen by letting you step out of the big picture, and into an adventure of your own making. Instead of following other people’s stories, you’re out there writing your own. Dead Spacetransports survival horror into the vacuum of space, while galaxy spanning RTS games like Sins of a Solar Empire let you build your nations in light-years rather than miles, and all of these narratives belong to you, framed by the different experiences of how you play.

Apparently Apple CEO Tim Cook has been spotted at Valve’s headquarters. This is most likely a case of the internet getting excited over nothing, but it could also be big, big news. Pinch of salt and all that.

John walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun has written a rousing rant about games not being mature enough. And no, he doesn’t mean that they need more tits:

For goodness sake, even Jennifer Aniston movies have more to say about love than all of gaming put together, and what Jennifer Aniston movies have to say about love is, “Durrrrrrrr.” Where is our commentary? Where is our criticism? Where is our subversion? Where is the game that questions governments, challenges society, hell, asks a bloody question? Let alone issues. Good heavens, imagine a game that dealt with issues!

What have I been playing this week?

Fez and Legend of Grimrock. Both of which are lovely and both of which create a wonderful nostalgia for gaming past. And in very different ways. I highly recommend buying both.

Here’s Fez:

And here’s Grimrock:

Ok loveyoubye!

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