Proteus: Listening to Trees and Chasing Frogs


Here is a quick post to tell you to play Proteus. I say play, but really I mean explore / gawp at / listen to. I mean, just look at it.

These images only represent a tiny, tiny slice of how lovely Proteus is. What you’re not getting here is the sound. Everything in this game makes a noise and all of these noises add up to make music. The music reflects the topography of the area of the environment that you’re in and how you move around it. Basically, it’s virtual LSD. But without the horrifying acid flashbacks. Cheaper too.


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  1. Just downloaded this, only had time to spend 10 mins exploring it so far, but I was instantly transported in to a zen trance, and was nearly dribbling. Beautiful, a must for gamers with open minds.

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